OLD MAN EMU | Toyota Landcruiser 200 Series (All V8 Diesel Engines) - 2 Inch Lift Front Coil Springs 2702

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Toyota Landcruiser 200 Series (All V8 Diesel Engines) - 2 Inch Lift Front Coil Springs 2702


Effective Design

Springs are formed on precision mandrels.
Scragging before and after shot peening to prevent sagging.
Constant and variable rate coils are available for multiple applications.
Coil spring end configurations are designed to exact specifications guaranteeing perfect fitment to your vehicle.
Ride height increases are attained, emphasis is placed on ride control improvements.

Oxidation Protection

Durable powder coat finish.

Easy Installation

Can directly replace the OE components, no custom installation required.


Factory geometry allows for a 1” lift and still maintains an adequate level of droop.
Specific kits have been developed for both gas and diesel models.
In addition, a 5mm trim packer is available to assist with the fine-tuning of ride heights and trimming the vehicle from side to side.

Important Notes:

OME coils and strut can only be installed together due to different winding of the lower coil end to suit the OME coil seat. They are not compatible with the OE Coil Seat. Due to the nature of the KDSS, Models fitted with KDSS may experience a characteristic 10mm to 15mm lean to the front right hand side.
For Fitment to Models with Toyota's KDSS (Kinetic Dynamic Suspension System) fitted, please refer to OME's Fitting Hints & Tips (OME Bulletin 70 LC200 KDSS Fitting Hints).
LC200 Armoured Suspension System was designed for and tested on non-KDSS equipped vehicles.

About This Product

With such a wide range on offer, coil springs can be better matched to your specific load requirements and intended vehicle usage. While ride height increases are attained, a great emphasis is placed on ride control improvements. Further fine-tuning is achieved when the springs are matched to a corresponding set of Old Man Emu shock absorbers, delivering a fully integrated system designed specifically to suit your vehicle.

A large range of springs and shocks were developed to cater to differing vehicle setups and ride height increases of approximately 50mm were achieved without the need for costly modification. Extensive shock tuning was undertaken to optimize comfort, control, and handling, and a front trim packer were developed to fine-tune front ride heights.


  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 21.46 x 14.57 x 7.48 inches.
  • Part number: 2702.
  • UPC: 9319092022182.
  • Weight: 30.20 lbs.
  • Designed and manufactured in: Australia.
  • Suitable for:

Toyota Landcruiser 200 Series (2007 - 2021).


  • Toyota Land Cruiser: 2007 - 2011, 2013 - 2021