JAMES BAROUD | Side Awning with Tunnel Attachment Kit

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James Baroud Tunnel Awnings Kits shelter the entrance of your James Baroud Roof Top Tent by covering the ladder & allowing you to tunnel THROUGH the awning directly into your tent! Awning material is waterproof, solar-reflective, compact, & durable.

A different tunnel attachment is needed for the Space RTT than for the full pop-up models of RTT (Evasion/Grand Raid). So, be sure to select the correct model of tunnel awning for compatibility with your James Baroud Roof Top Tent. Note that no tunnel is currently compatible with the Discovery, Extreme, or Horizon Vision RTT models.

Note the Kit Comes with both the Side Awning and the Tunnel Enclosure. 

If you are looking for just the James Baroud Side Awning without the Tunnel Attachment click here. 

If you are looking for just the James Baroud Tunnel Attachment click here.

Design Features of the James Baroud Tunnel Awning

The new James Baroud Tunnel Awning is essentially modified version of the previous Side Awning, with a removable tunnel attachment that bridges the gap between the entrance to your roof top tent and a passageway through the ceiling of the awning. This keeps you out of the elements as you ascend and descend the ladder. For complete enclosure, you can add an awning enclosure room to wall off the sides of the awning, so you'd have an annex room with a tunnel entrance to your roof top tent above. If your tent isn't set up and you don't want to use the tunnel attachment at a particular moment, the passageway through the awning can easily be sealed and used just as you would a standard James Baroud Side Awning.

As with earlier James Baroud Awnings, the Tunnel Awning is "bag-less" with integrated legs, making it low profile and easy to set up. This clever design allows the awning to roll into itself and is closed with straps. The material for this awning is the same aluminized fabric that James Baroud tents are made of, making the tunnel awning waterproof and solar reflective. James Baroud awnings are the most compact and aerodynamic awnings in the world- they fit where others won't and provide additional clearance that is needed when off road.

Tunnel Awning Dimensions and Compatibility

**PLEASE NOTE** The Tunnel Awning is NOT compatible with the Discovery, Extreme, or Horizon Vision models of James Baroud Roof Top Tents. You must have one of the following hard shell James Baroud Roof Top Tents in order to use the tunnel attachment feature of the tunnel awning. 

Tunnel Awnings are compatible with the following James Baroud Roof Top Tents:

  • Space (M, XL)  ***for Space RTTs, tunnel must be used on Left/Driver side 
  • Evasion (M, XL)
  • Grand Raid (M,XL)

The style of the tunnel attachment differs slightly for the Space RTT models versus the others, so please be sure to select the type of Roof Top Tent you have to make sure the tunnel will fit properly.

If you do not have one of the above roof top tents, you are better off going with just the James Baroud Side Awning, rather than this Tunnel Awning.

Tunnel Awning Sizes

Either size of awning can be used with either size of roof top tent- even if you have a Standard Size RTT, you can use a Large Size Tunnel Awning if you want; and a XXL tent will still work perfectly well with a Standard Size Tunnel Awning- the size you select is a matter of preference. This product is the Large Size Tunnel Awning.

  • Standard Size Tunnel Awning Dimensions: 79 x 103" (Note: Standard Size James Baroud Roof Top Tents are ~79" long)
  • Large Size Tunnel Awning Dimensions: 98 x 106" (Note: Large Size "XXL" James Baroud Roof Top Tents are ~90" long)

**PLEASE NOTE** Due to high demand, there may be up to a 4-week wait for James Baroud products. Orders will be fulfilled as received.

Mounting the James Baroud Tunnel Awning to your Vehicle

The awning itself attaches to your roof rack or cross bars with supplied "L" brackets and are compatible with roof top tents. To make your James Baroud Roof Top Tent compatible with the Tunnel Awning, a thin channel must be mounted above the door of the tent, which will receive the tunnel attachment.

The tunnel attachment is stowed folded flat in a bag separately from the awning, usually kept in the roof top tent during transit. To set up the tunnel, simply slide the lip of the tunnel attachment into the channel above the entrance to your Roof Top Tent. Open the Awning and velcro the bottom of the tunnel to the passage through the awning. The video below does an excellent job showing how to set up the tunnel awning, please have a look.