OVERLAND SOLAR | Overlander 130 Watt ETFE Semi-Flexible Solar Panel

Regular price $377.00

Introducing the Overland Solar Overlander 130 Solar Panel - the ultimate solution for reliable and efficient solar power on your off-grid adventures! Featuring the latest technology in solar cells, this powerful panel is equipped with highly efficient Sunpower Maxeon Generation III cells, ensuring maximum power output even in low-light conditions.

Measuring 48" x 22", the Overlander 130 is compact and easy to install on your roof rack or trailer. The panel is designed with a strong 4mm ETFE coating that protects against tree branches, hail, and scratches, ensuring long-lasting durability even in the harshest outdoor environments.

With MC4 connections, the Overlander 130 is easy to integrate into your existing solar system, allowing you to quickly and easily connect multiple panels for increased power output. And with a voltage of 26 volts, this solar panel is perfect for powering all your essential electronics and appliances while you're off the grid.

Whether camping on the weekends or embarking on a long-term overland trip, the Overlander 130 Solar Panel is the perfect companion for off-grid adventures. Don't settle for anything less.