BLUE SEA SYSTEMS | MRBF Terminal Fuse Block (2151 - 2 Studs)

BLUE SEA SYSTEMS | MRBF Terminal Fuse Block (2151 - 2 Studs)

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  • Marine Rated Battery Fuses
  • High Amperage Protection
  • Satisfies ABYC 7 Inch Rule
  • 2 Studs

An ingenious and convenient way to achieve protection for high amperage wires directly off the battery.
You can easily and economically satisfy the ABYC 7" circuit protection rule by mounting this MRBF fuse block on a 3/8" battery post stud, battery switch, or busbar.

An isolated 1/4" stud is integral to the fuse, and permits stacking of cable terminals without interference.
Suitable for open-cockpit boats, and other harsh environments.

NOTE — This product is the Fuse Block only; the square terminal mounted fuses shown are sold separately.
See Related Products, below, for details.

• Uses compact, high-amp fuses appropriate for DC main, inverter, windlass, and bow thruster circuit protection
• Provides high current protection in tight spaces
• Weatherproof
• Insulating cap prevents accidental shorts
• Accepts 5/16" ring terminals
• Note: shown with square Terminal Fuses (sold separately)