ARB 4x4 | Air Compressor Manifold Kit (171503)

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Designed to work seamlessly with ARB’s maximum performance on-board compressors, the Air Locker Manifold Kit enables easy installation of up to two Air Locker solenoids to an air source such as a compressor or regular gas bottle. With a working pressure of 150Psi (1030kPa), the manifold kit incorporates multiple ports for use with ARB’s Pump Up kit, as well as mounting brackets, and a Teflon stainless steel braided hose designed to cool air supply for tire inflation.


  • Air Locker Manifold Kit enables the installation of Air Locker solenoids to an ARB Twin Compressor
  • Complete manifold kit to suit Air Locker solenoid mounting on the ARB On-Board Twin Air Compressor Kits.
  • This kit includes a manifold body with mounting bracket, BSPP ports, NPT ports, high temperature resistant braided hose, NPT connection nipples and M6 hex head bolts and nylon lock-nuts which secure this kit.
  • This manifold permits you to lock the front and rear air lockers without needing a compressor for each.




Recommended Uses For Product

‎Drilling, Air Brushing, Spraying, Nailing

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621 Grams

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8.27 x 6.69 x 2.36 inches