EEZI-AWN | Tacoma Spine Mount Only

Regular price $410.00

The Eezi-Awn Toyota Gen 3 Tacoma Double Cab K9 Spine rack mount is a new and unique way to add a K9 platform or load bars to the roof of your double cab Tacoma.  Instead of the standard K9 mounting rail and feet application, the new Spine mount is a single piece of steel plate that is cut and formed to mount directly to your roof and accept either a 1250mm wide x 1400mm long platform, or 2 (or 3) K9 Load bars.  It attaches to the factory rack mounting points through the pinch weld trim, creating a very stylish, low profile foundation for your rack system.


  • Single piece construction
  • Low profile mounting height
  • Light weight
  • Minimal hardware
  • Easy to install


  • Dimensions: 53.5”L x 2.75” H at seam between doors