OFFROAM | Jeep Grand Cherokee WK2 (2011-2022) Phone Mount

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Universal fit phone holder for all phones even with a wide case or pop socket has soft internal springs with 3M elastomer-lined grip sides that deliver great holding power while making it easy to secure the phone with one hand
Double socket connecting arm with a single hand-tightening knob for full adjustability of your Offroam mounting system
Jeep Grand Cherokee WK2 specific mounting base installs without drilling or disassembly in minutes and does not block air flow.
Made entirely of aluminium, stainless steel and quality 3M elastomers for durability


  • Designed for rough 4x4 trails. Offroam clamp is patent-pending mounting base that attaches securely to your vehicle and won't fall off, even over rough 4x4 trails or race days.
  • For any phone, even with a case. Offroam fits and holds any size modern phone (including iPhone 14 Pro Max), even in a case. Up to 3.8" wide and 0.67" thick.
  • No drilling, no glue. You shouldn't need to drill your new truck. Offroam mechanically clamps to the air vent without leaving any marks thanks to an embedded elastomer liner.
  • All the airflow you need. Whether in south Texas or in Alaska - you need the air vents to function. Offroam keeps your phone away from the vent so air goes where it's aimed, not the back of your phone.
  • Keeps the view clear. Offroam gives you an easy way to position your phone so you can see it without blocking the windshield.


Phone holder width range:

2.4 - 3.82" [60 - 97mm]

Phone holder depth range:

up to 0.67

Arm overall length

of 2.4" and socket-to-socket length of 1.77" [45mm]

Weight Capacity:

2lbs under normal use 1lbs under heavy-duty use

Fully adjustable with 20mm ball system