JAMES BAROUD | Side Awning Enclosure Room (Standard and Large)

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Design Features of James Baroud Awning Enclosure Room

Awning enclosure rooms are made from the same high tech aluminized fabric as James Baroud roof top tents, making them 100% waterproof and UV resistant. The awning enclosure is in essence a wall kit, consisting of three panels that attach directly to a James Baroud Side Awning, along with zipper connections to attach the panels to each other. Two of the panels feature large, screened windows and the third panel has a smaller screened window and a door, providing easy access and plenty of insect-proof ventilation. Attaching these three wall panels to your awning creates a completely sheltered annex room, adding privacy, convenience, and lots of extra living space to your camping experience.

An enclosure or annex room is a great addition to a base camp set up, particularly for those inevitable rainy days when you don't want to be confined to your tent waiting for it to blow over. If you have a large group, you can use the awning enclosure as an extra sleeping area at night. It also provides a bug-free zone for cooking or eating. Some campers want enclosures so they can use the restroom in privacy without traipsing deep into the woods.

**PLEASE NOTE** A James Baroud Awning (sold separately) is required to use the Awning Enclosure Room.

**PLEASE NOTE** Due to high demand, there may be up to a 4-week wait for James Baroud products. Orders will be fulfilled as received. Feel free to call or email for current product availability.   

Awning Enclosure Dimensions

Standard Size: 70 x 102" (Note: Standard Size Awning Enclosure is compatible with James Baroud Standard Size Side Awning, which is the roof of the enclosure) 

Large Size: 98 x 106" (Note: Large Size Awning Enclosure is compatible with James Baroud Large Size Side Awning, which is the roof of the enclosure) 

Awning Enclosure Room Installation and Setup

First set up your awning, then slide in the wall panels to easily set up the enclosure system.