DOBINSONS | Dual Roller Drawer System 5th Gen 4runner | w/ Fridge Slide

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Add Wing Kit (+$245)
    • 1.6mm Zinc Plated Robust Steel Construction, 12mm Heavy Duty Plywood Panels with Marine Carpet Covering
    • Built-in Heavy-Duty Fridge Slide, 8 x Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Tie-Down Points
    • Comprehensive outer wing trim kit to provide a factory fit. Installation of drawers REQUIRES drilling and bolting through the floor. Any existing sliding deck must be removed prior to drawer installation.
    • Aluminum Edging Protection, Heavy-duty lockable latches. The sliding portion is not changeable from one side to the other.
    • The wing kit optional is specifically designed for the Prado 150, It will fit the 5th gen 4runner but may have gaps or require some trimming.
    • Not compatible with 3rd-row seat installed. Massive 150KG (330LB) Drawer Capacity on Heavy Duty Roller Bearing System
    • Shipping is to the nearest Freight Terminal or to a Commercial address with a loading dock or forklift.  Residential delivery adds additional separate costs
    Dobinsons 4x4 offers a complete Rear Roller Drawer system for the Toyota 4Runner 5th Gen from 2010 to 2022. Also suits Lexus GX460 without a rear A/C system.  This drawer system comes fully assembled when shipped, less the optional side panels, which are installed after the drawers are in place. Vehicle Specific Instructions - 4Runner 5th Gen 
    Features include: 1.6mm Zinc plated robust steel construction, 12mm heavy-duty plywood panels with marine carpet covering, Single left side inbuilt heavy duty fridge slide, 8 x heavy duty stainless steel tie-down points built into the top of the drawers, outer wing kits provide a factory fit, aluminum edge protection, heavy-duty lockable latches, 150KG (330LB) Draw Capacity, and heavy-duty roller bearing system.
    These drawers are perfect for storing your recovery gear, camping equipment, cooking gear, tools and spare parts, tow and snatch straps, or whatever you can think to carry on your adventure. Packing your equipment in these drawers alleviates the need for multiple bins/totes and allows for secure storage without having to tie everything down inside.
    With a built-in fridge slide on top of one of the drawers, this can save you $200+ over buying a separate fridge slide. The tie-down points are built-in, so all you will need are some tie-down straps. Drawers measure 900 x 1000 x 255mm total external, 285mm from bottom mounting ribs to the top of drawers, 840 x 435 x 195mm each internal drawer dimension.
    Purchase includes 1 x RD80-1001 Dual Drawer Kit. Please note the photos show the exact same drawer system installed into a 2017 4Runner. Note: A special returning handling charge will be assessed if a return is necessary.  Drilling and bolting through the floor are required, along with the alignment of the drawer system of the floor to make sure everything is installed correctly.  Installation by a professional is recommended.