ARB 4x4 | Summit Sahara Full Toyota Hilux Revo/Rocco 2015-2022 (3914630)

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Bumper Engineering: Engineering a bumper requires careful consideration of a number of factors to ensure it properly serves its purpose. Factors such as vehicle design, crush rate, airbag deployment, approach angles, accessory fitment, strength, weight, and aesthetics are incorporated into every ARB Bumper before it enters production. You simply won’t find a more thoroughly designed and manufactured vehicle protection system than an ARB Bumper

Esthetic and finish: Each ARB Bumper is specifically designed to complement the unique contours of individual vehicle models. This ensures the best possible fit, look and functionality for a particular vehicle. All ARB Bumpers are finished in a durable powder coat that offers class-leading protection and unparalleled corrosion resistance with an ultra-low sheen matte finish.

Wing Design: 60.3mm mandrel steel tubing provides increased frontal protection, as well as offering greater visual styling to modern four-wheel-drive vehicles.

Press Formed Wings: Press formed steel panels that utilize three mounting points to the chassis for optimum strength and rigidity. Coming standard in black powder coat or a colour coded finish for additional vehicle integration

Sharing many of the strength-related features of a Summit Bumper, including ARB’s five-fold upswept and tapered wing profile, the Summit Sahara Bumper offers a different look without sacrificing practicality.

Like the Summit Bumper, the Summit Sahara Bumper also provides a solid platform for adding other accessories such as winches, driving lights, and CB antennas.

Available either with or without the polished center tube, the Summit Sahara Bumper offers owners greater flexibility in creating their desired look.


  • UPC: 9332018054432
  • Bumper Type: Heavy Duty
  • Width: Full
  • Guard Included: Hoop
  • D-Rings Mounts: No
  • Hitch Mount Ability: No
  • Available Lights: Round Lights
  • Available Winches: Up to 16,500 lb
  • Material: Heavy Duty Steel
  • Suitable for:  Toyota Hilux Revo / Rocco 2015-2022.