ARB 4X4 | Compressor Bracket (SKU:3540320)
ARB 4X4 | Compressor Bracket (SKU:3540320)
ARB 4X4 | Compressor Bracket (SKU:3540320)
ARB 4X4 | Compressor Bracket (SKU:3540320)

ARB 4X4 | Compressor Bracket (SKU:3540320)

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The engineers at ARB produced a solution to safely house an ARB CKSA12 or CKMA12 single air compressor behind the back seat of the vehicle. This solution allows the remote mounting of ARB's Air Locker and LINX Vehicle Accessory Interface solenoids along with the compressor. The intuitive design of this bracket kit provides direct access to the air hose coupling outlet and switch to the right of the rear passenger seat which alleviates the need to lower the back seat to access and use the compressor. The driver can simply plug their ARB air hose into the air hose coupling outlet, then flick the switch or activate pressure control on the LINX display to fire up the compressor and conveniently utilize its air supply. While the air compressor and its associated equipment is safely stored behind the seat, access to this area remains the same and continues to provide the driver with additional storage space without any interruption to the operation of the ARB Air Compressor.


  • Suits ARB CKSA12 And CKMA12 Air Compressors
  • Easily Mount ARB Air Locker And LINX Solenoids Behind Back Seat
  • Convenient Access To Switch And Air-Hose Coupling
  • Air compressor sold separately


  • Prop 65: No
  • Color: Black
  • Finish: Satin
  • Material: Steel
  • Warranty: 3 YR


  • Ford Ranger 2019 - 2023