ARB 4X4 | Base Rack Kit (SKU:BASE201)
ARB 4X4 | Base Rack Kit (SKU:BASE201)
ARB 4X4 | Base Rack Kit (SKU:BASE201)
ARB 4X4 | Base Rack Kit (SKU:BASE201)
ARB 4X4 | Base Rack Kit (SKU:BASE201)
ARB 4X4 | Base Rack Kit (SKU:BASE201)
ARB 4X4 | Base Rack Kit (SKU:BASE201)

ARB 4X4 | Base Rack Kit (SKU:BASE201)

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The BASE Rack takes accessories and cargo loading to a whole new level of simplicity, speed and personalisation. With a choice of sizes, accessories and attachments, you can truly Make It Your Own. By incorporating a dovetail extrusion around both the full perimeter and along each edge of the internal beams, the BASE Rack provides endless mounting and attachment options. Adding, removing and repositioning accessories and roof loads is quick and easy with the BASE Rack's dovetail system, making it easier to install and remove individual items without disturbing the whole load. Plus, unlike traditional roof rack channels, the BASE Rack dovetail extrusion won't collect dust and debris. Each BASE Rack accessory or fixture attaches to the rack with a simple clamp mount, including larger hardware such as Hi-Lift Jack mounts, rollers, recovery boards and even a BASE Rack custom light bar. 


  • Extruded Aluminium Beams Feature Rigid Internal Bracing
  • Fully Welded Construction (Excluding Corner Caps)
  • Fully Assembled, Ready-to-Fit Mount Brackets
  • Integrit Textured Black Powder-Coat Finish
  • Strength Through Design Requires No Additional Cross Bars
  • Dovetail Accessory Attachment Allows Easy, One-Handed Attachment
  • Provision to Easily Run Wiring Within the BASE Rack Assembly

Kit Components

  • 1770030 BASE Rack, 1
  • 17913010 BASE Rack Mount Kit, 1

ARB Base Rack 

Ultra sleek, boasting a super low profile and lightweight design, the BASE Rack provides unmatched simplicity, flexibility and personalization in your roof rack set-up. Setting a new benchmark in strength and integration, the BASE Rack incorporates a revolutionary dovetail mounting system that makes attaching and removing loads and accessories easier, faster and more secure.

Strength Meets Style

Fully-welded from extruded aluminum with a cross beam design, the BASE Rack has no requirement for a supporting subframe and exerts no flex under load. Each internal and perimeter beam is constructed from a single seamless extruded aluminum box piece with internal bracing for added strength.

The superior strength properties is what has allowed such close mounting to the vehicle’s roofline.


The BASE Rack is manufactured from extruded aluminum beams. To further increase each beam’s rigidity, an additional aluminum bracing has been introduced which runs the entire length of each and every perimeter and internal cross-section.

Unique in design, the BASE Rack runs its beams horizontally instead of laterally, resulting in maximum strength and rigidity. Its strength omits the need of a subframe allowing the rack to sit lower for a sleeker finish.

What about wind noise?

Not only is it a strong rack, it’s a quiet one!

During the design process, the ARB’s team of engineers undertook extensive testing when it came to the concept of running the internal beams perpendicular to the vehicle. This has taken away concern of increased wind noise, as it was found that not only is the BASE Rack nice and strong – it’s also quiet!

The wind noise testing revealed that the majority of cabin noise from roof racks comes from only the very front perimeter cross-section, and this was very easily overcome with a formed wind-deflector which mounts on the underside of the rack on wagons with blade mounts.

The result? A very comfortable and quiet roof rack experience!


A one-piece, fully welded platform rack fitted to a range of low-profile blade mounts, the BASE Rack provides improved access into low clearance areas, all the while looking sleek on the roof of your vehicle.

Unique Dovetail Design

By incorporating a dovetail extrusion around both the full perimeter and along each edge of the internal beams, the BASE Rack provides endless mounting and attachment options.

Side mounting also frees up more uninterrupted cargo space along the top of each internal and external beam.

The Base Rack Is Built To Carry Gear…and a whole lot of it.

Cables Be Gone

Nothing ruins the sleek look like visible electrical cable. Yet another advantage of the aluminum extruded beam design is that electrical cabling can be fed in either through the removable corner caps or via the capped access points available on the inner surface of the side perimeter beams. Additional holes can easily be introduced along the perimeter beams wherever you are mounting your work or driving lights.

The Range

The BASE Rack is available in a number of sizes to complement the vast range of 4×4’s on the market.

Sold standard as a low-profile platform rack, then it can easily transform into a touring or trade rack by simply installing the rail system that best suits your needs!


  • Prop 65: No
  • Color: Black
  • Width: 51 in
  • Finish: Textured
  • Length: 72 in
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Warranty: 3 YR

All Sizes & Dimensions

As each size reduces, the BASE Rack drops an internal beam.

Note: Vehicle specific mounting kit required to fit ARB Base Rack to vehicle.

49 IN (L) X 45 IN (W) 5 28.0 lbs 275.6 lbs Dual-cab
49 IN (L) X 51 IN (W) 5 31.5 lbs 275.6 lbs Dual-cab
61 IN (L) X 51 IN (W) 6 36.6 lbs 330.7 lbs Single-cab, short canopy or wagon with sunroof
72 IN (L) X 45 IN (W) 7 39.0 lbs 385.8 lbs Narrow canopy

72 IN (L) X 51 IN (W)


43.9 lbs

385.8 lbs Wider canopy or Smaller Wagon

84 IN (L) X 51 IN (W)

8 50.3 lbs 440.9 lbs Larger Cab Wagon


Year Make Model Submodel Liter Cylinders Fuel type Doors
1998-2007 Toyota Land Cruiser Base 4.7 8 GAS 4