About Evergreen Offroad

Evergreen Offroad is a Seattle, WA based company founded in 2020. Evergreen is fueled by the passion for vehicle based exploration shared by its founders. The transformation of an overland focused vehicle over time is truly a unique process to witness as you are taken on the journey of it's owner becoming more and more curious as to what the outdoors can truly offer. The result is a uniquely modified vehicle created for each owners specific driving experience. Evergreen wants to help it's community take the steps to modifying their vehicle and gear to best suit their individual needs.

Accountability is a core value to Evergreen and we want our community to share this value. This can mean taking the extra 3 minutes to pick up someone elses trash or just being mindful of the space you explore when off-roading and camping. The result of this collective culture of accountability will be trails and campsites that are left clean for years of enjoyment to come. Evergreen Offroad's goal is to encourage people to be bold in their adventures and to explore new places in a self-reliant and low impact way. True exploration and adventure happens quickly when you leave the pavement in pursuit of the dirt roads less traveled.We'll see you on the trail!

The Evergreen Offroad Team