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The Warn Zeon 8 Steel Winch is perfect for drivers looking to drive off road without having to wait for a tow. Capable of pulling up to 8,000 lbs, this steel winch is a top performer with a lot to offer drivers on the go. There's also an additional remote feature or control pack that is sold separately.

Features Include

With 100 feet of steel (galvanized) rope wiring, this winch in a single line can pull up to 8,000 lbs or 3,630 kgs. This is best when used for SUVs and Jeeps. With a brake that has a heat dissipation feature it can also work in conjunction with a mounted remote or control pack (convertible version). The required kit (relocation version) is sold separately.

With a powder coated finish in black, the winch is stain resistant and won't corrode due to its steel fasteners (stainless version) and sealed winch. Another additional feature that drivers will benefit from is the winch's drum. With a large diameter, it cuts down on wear and tear. It's also very light, but sturdy enough to work with the rope anchor (integrated version). This will make the winch easy to install and set up. There is a Lifetime Warranty (Limited version) that is supported by the Warn Company.

Additional specs include the 12 VDC motor, gear ration of 162:1, and a rotating ring gear free spooling clutch feature.

Note: When setting up the winch with a remote control, a relocation kit is required. Drivers should purchase the Control Pack PN #89970 for the kit that's short or Control Pack PN #89960 which is the kit that's long.

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