DMOS | The Alpha 2S Shovel

Regular price $169.00

Some jobs need a clean, smooth front surface and that's why we made our Alpha 2 in a straight-edged "S" model. For trucks and expedition vehicles where you need an over-sized 18 x 14 x 3" blade, the Alpha 2S is incomparable. When not in your truck, you can use is around the home/ranch/office/job site for decks, asphalt driveways or any other job where you need the strongest shovel that is super strong and lightweight but leaves a clean surface. Stowable, rackable, and mountable, the Alpha 2S is a grain-scoop shovel on steroids. Like all DMOS shovels, the Alpha 2S is made out of T-6 6061 aluminum (the same aluminum in a Boeing aircraft) and it won't rust, break, and will last a lifetime.

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